15 Jan 2021 - DBKO Week

We are introducing 50% exp event on DBKO! Join now and fight with gift special game code "RULE-THE-DBKO"

19 Dec 2020 - DBKO War

18 Dec 2020 - DBOKO War

17 Dec 2020 - Tournament Changes

From now you will get signing bonus +40 ELO just for entering on the Tournament and players with all tournament achivement won't be able to participate in the next tournaments!

10 Dec 2020 - Power Up

Power Up skill has been changet in to "health and ki + 10k for 30 sec", cast 45 sec.
Equipement for lvl 500+ is now regenerating some hp ans ki.
Skill Agility is faster for one star atribute character.

7 Dec 2020 - Tournament of Power

Tournament of Power
Start 10.12.2020, 9:00pm

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