31 May 2020 - DBKO v13 Trailer

29 May 2020 - DBKO v13

16 May 2020 - Rewards for v12!

Rewards have been granted for v12.
This time 2 other players where really close to top5 se we decided to give those 2 extra players rewards as well, so every 1k level player has been rewarded this time!

Congratulations to you and see you on another great edition! !

More info soon!
Regards, Support

14 May 2020 - Server close

Hello, since 15.05.2020 server will stay close because we are preparing next edition which will lunch 5.06.2020
Regards, Support

21 Apr 2020 - Transfer points service

for the last few editions many players have asked me to transfer their points to other servers where I'm admin. So with agreement of other admins there is now fully working system for this which you can find here: Transfer Points Service
This system can also be used to transfer your points to other character on the same server.

Regards, Support

18 Jan 2020 - Update v12.1

Update v12.1 -New Beerus Outfits (Rework).
-New character C21.
-New character Fu.
-New character Tien.
-Shop Offer Rework, no more loss boxes and cheaper prices.
-4 New spawns Elemental lvl 3 (elemental island).
-9 New spawns with Freeza/Cell/Buu monsters on Earth.

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