7 Jul 2020 - Shop

14 Jun 2020 - DBKO Changes and New Event

From tomorow (15.06.2020):
PVP Damage incressed from 40 to 43%
All 400 waves will be turned on but they will cost 25 stamina and 15 exhustion.

New Automatic event here:

8 Jun 2020 - Newsletter + gift

Hi there!
We have added newsletter system into our servers, you can sign-up and set preferences from which servers do you want to receive notifications about new editions!
Don't worry we won't spam about no important things!

Upon this we have an extra gift for those who have already signed-up, you can receive +3 premium days, just login and click here
Support is working don't worry, and if you have some problems you can message us on Discord or in a game.[Mavius, Sairen]

Have fun guys!

We are aware of that our newsletter don't send emails on we will try to fix it later.

4 Jun 2020 - Changelog v13

-Tournaments elo changes:
25/20 -> 40/25 [win/loss]
-Tournament bonus buff:
30%->40% on start
15%->25% per next minutes
-Due to dists are back follow is working again on tournaments

-Ki explosion has been buffed by 15%~

- Now assists also counts as kills in character kill statistics[like on WoNO]
- Guild kills count from 100 level instead of 150 level like before
- Dragon Ball Super Heroes SAGA for 500 lvl
- Patrol Missions for 650lvl
- New characters: Dende, Yamha, Roshi, Hearts

- New Special outfits: Beerus, Black, Cumber, Tien, Zamasu
- New Daily Missions
- New Tasks Missions
- New Capsule Missions
- From now there are meele and distance characters
- Exp and rewards from sags have been changed
- New Absorb system
- A lot of changes in drop and exp in monsters
- New exp stage:
1-49lvl: x15
50-149lvl: x13
150-299lvl: x11 == > 9x
300-399lvl: x9 == > 7x
400+ lvl: x6
- Daily frag to redskull 50, Weekly frags to red skull 250
- Elite Patrol items: +25000 HP/MP, all skills +25, ki attack +6% ===> +25000 HP/MP, all skills +30, ki attack +7%
- Ki Explosion has damage like 150 lvl area technique.
- WoE has been fixed
- WoE lossers gain 1 level as a reward
- patroler saga fix bug with TP after saga should be failed when it didn't
- Autoloot has been fixed for new monsters
- New Prison Planet
- Best items from EQ in shop has been removed
- Clients are in download section
- Dist damage has been lowered by ~12%
- Info: Dist weapons like whiss staff/makankosappo power have 5 range
- Patroler distance also has been added, as well as crafting + event reward just like swords
- achivement true warrior also needs 100 dist or 100 strength
- autoloot is now working automaticly
- auto rejoin to the party with group 2 players+
- some OTClient changes, like better walking etc

31 May 2020 - DBKO v13 Trailer

29 May 2020 - DBKO v13

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