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Latest News
3.4.2021 Feedback && development Author: Jacolos

Hi there,


work on new DBKO is moving foreward, but we need your feedback on what direction we should take and what to consider.


So we need you guys to fill this form, I know it may feel like waste of time but it's really importent for us and it shouldn't take you longer than 3-5 minutes, so please take it seriously and help us to make DBKO Remastered the best DB server.
For those who helped us, thanks in advance!

PS. WoDBO is starting next week, we set PvP parementers to have a nice battles there, so if you want to have some fun, check this out!


Stay tuned, 
DBKO Support

25.3.2021 DBKO Remastered Author: Jacolos

Hello guys!


As you can see there is a new website for our DBKO Remastered, some pages have been blocked, but they will be unlocked when the beta/official will be released.

Few words about DBKO Remastered:

  • This will be whole remake of DBKO
  • We have already rewrited most od DBKO systems into the new engine
  • There will be many changes including reborn will look completly different etc
  • Website has been modified by Jacolos, credits to for the engine MyAac and you can also be grateful for this layout to Promil.
  • There will be many changes in client
  • There will be closed beta for 20-50 players before lunching
  • There will be no bots, no candy bot and there will be logs for detecting any automated things and there will be bans when someone will be marked as bot
  • Approx. start of DBKO Remastered is June 2021 but it may be delayed


In the meantime, you are all very welcome on WoDBO, there will be start in 2 weeks and advertisement for this server just got started! So if you liked good old PvP like on DBKO, for sure you will have lots of fun on this server.

Old website with old accounts has been moved to:, you can transfer you points from old DBKO to WoDBO for free right here, or you can wait for the DBKO Remastered.


Stay tuned, for more info soon,