28 Nov 2020 - Dragon Ball Kai Online v14 Update Trailer

26 Nov 2020 - DBKO v14

DBKO v14 Changelog:
+ Characters have been divided into classes, it is associated with a various increase in HP / KI to lvl, different special techniques, the speed of skilling given skills as well as the power of damage or defense.
The classes that have been introduced are:
-Tank (Defender)
-DPS (Damage)
-Debuffer (Debuffer)
+ Added "Guild Boss Event" where you defeat a boss in a guild group to get a special buff for the whole guild for 6 hours.
+ Added "Tournament of Power Event" which consists of fighting in a big arena in teams of 4.
+ Exp stage has been slightly reduced.
+ Leveling and training Ki lvl decreased.
+ Added "Enhancement Transformations" for all characters at levels 600,800 and 1000lvl.
+ New backpacks, sets, weapons and crafting items for lvl 800 and 900 have been added.
+ New crafting options, new weapons and sets have been added.
+ Added the ability to turn Beerus Set and Golden Saiyan Set into Patroler Set.
+ Changes have been made to the required levels for equip items.
+ New monsters have been added for lvl 600,800 and 1000.
+ Fixed problems with Heroes Saga.
+ Machine Mutants have been nerfed.
+ Exp for Saga has been reduced.
+ The monsters of the Majin group have been balanced.
+ Premium Shop has been modernized and changed.
+ New planets have been added: Zeta, Gardia and Energa.
+ Added new island: Old Dragonia.
+ Many hunting spots and spots with teleport have been improved.
+ Added new techniques for DPS "Rage" and Buffer "Power Share".
+ The Deconcentration technique for the Debuffer has been increased from 15% to 25%.
+ Energy defense has been reduced by 50%.
+ "Power Up" technique has been changed to "health and ki regeneration + 300 / s, health and ki + 10k for 30 sec".
+ God Power and Ultra Instinct Power exhust does not disappear after death.
+ Ultra Instinct Power: dash removed.

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