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Type Where Date Description
24.09.2021 "get reward & repeat" - added to missions stats, you can now repeat your task without going back to Eliard.
24.09.2021 -checkpoint: Winter Island -added to the game.
23.09.2021 Add more monsters to Mechanoid and Cyborgs spawns
23.09.2021 Event: Namekjins vs Freeza Forces will start correctly since TODAY
23.09.2021 Quest: Namek vs Freeza Force conflict - in mission 3 changed 1000 kills to 500
23.09.2021 Whis: Since saga super 8 he can teleport you to Beerus planet.
23.09.2021 Cabba: Energy shield - now it deflects 50% of the damage + you will also be damaged
23.09.2021 Hit: flash fist crush - critic hits fixed
22.09.2021 Technique "hakaishin no gekirin" cast has been fixed.
22.09.2021 future son boots has been fixed
22.09.2021 heaven soldier amulet has been fixed
20.09.2021 100 level event box drop has been fixed.
20.09.2021 Super Saga "Jiren" to Zalama tp has been fixed.
20.09.2021 Technique "super god fist" has been changed into target and 1sqm-area.
20.09.2021 Technique "surprise blade" has been changed into target and 1sqm-area.
20.09.2021 Technique "god splitter" has been fixed.
20.09.2021 Saga monsters can push items now.
20.09.2021 - Some EQ have been changed to +/- %% ki/melee dmg
20.09.2021 Majin Buu mass absorption + portal opening have been blocked on tournaments
20.09.2021 Gotenks: Super ghost kamikaze - reduced dmg by 50% from ghosts
20.09.2021 Vegeta: Limit Break - changed into buff 20% ki dmg for 20 sec
20.09.2021 Goku: Kaioken - changed into buff 20% melee for 20 sec
20.09.2021 Vegetto: Perfect Game - changed to 50->30% and it works on techniques only.
20.09.2021 skill boost - now works on defense/energy defense/train points as well
20.09.2021 - Attack Speed rework
Added new bands for training attack speed
18.09.2021 Babi MVP - rewards - fixed
16.09.2021 1 MVP had wrong teleport - fixed
16.09.2021 Future Trunks - teleports you to "future" Earth
16.09.2021 Goku: instant kamehameha / ushiro - now deals also a dmg
16.09.2021 Hit: time lag - changed into a passive, now it's 10% chance to avoid + deflect with double dmg melee attack. [PvP only]
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