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zeni coin

LvL: --
Buyable: --
Sellable: --
Drop from:
Mouse, Rat, Snake, Wolf, Larva, Scorpion, Spider, Bear, Bat, Multipede, Big Scorpion, Small Triceratops, Pterodactyl, Triceratops, T-Rex, Bandit Tiger, Bandit Skinhead, Bandit Slayer, Bandit Shooter, Bandit Thief, Bandit Breaker, Bandit Maruder, Army Serge, Army Capral, Army Sergeant, Army Ensign, Army Plutonium, Army Major, Army General, Zombie, Dracula Bat, Dracula, Mummy, Ghost, Skeleton, Skeleton Maruder, Shaolin Fighter, Shaolin Soldier, Shaolin Defender, Shaolin Templar, Shaolin Master, Android NO1, Android NO2, Android NO3, Android NO4, Android NO5, Android NO6, Android NO7, Saibaman, Saibaman Rusher, Saibaman Crusader, Saibaman Minner, Saibaman Magmer, Saibaman Shooter, Saibaman Reaper, Zeltajin Scout, Zeltajin Soldier, Zeltajin Defender, Zeltajin Templar, Wind Elemental, Fire Elemental, Ice Elemental, Heaven Ghost, Heaven Fighter, Heaven Soldier, Heaven Scout, Heaven Defender, Heaven Templar, Heaven Master, Tsufurujin Fighter, Tsufurujin Soldier, Tsufurujin Scout, Tsufurujin Defender, Tsufurujin Templar, Tsufurujin Master, Saiyajin Fighter, Saiyajin Soldier, Saiyajin Scout, Saiyajin Defender, Saiyajin Templar, Saiyajin Master, Saiyajin Warrior, Oozaru, Oozaru Defender, Oozaru Breaker, Oozaru Shooter, Oozaru Warrior, Majin Fighter, Majin Soldier, Majin Scout, Majin Defender, Majin Templar, Super Fire Elemental, Super Wind Elemental, Super Ice Elemental, Ultra Magma Elemental, Ultra Thunder Elemental, Ultra Wind Elemental, Ultra Ice Elemental, Ultra Earth Elemental, Super Android NO8, Super Android NO9, Super Android NO10, Super Android NO11, Mechanoid NO1, Mechanoid NO2, Mechanoid NO3, Mechanoid NO4, Cyborg NO22, Cyborg NO23, Cyborg NO24, Cyborg NO25, Frost Demon Fighter, Frost Demon Soldier, Frost Demon Scout, Frost Demon Slayer, Frost Demon Slasher, Frost Demon Warrior, Frost Demon Destroyer, Frost Demon Reaper, Frost Demon Defender, Frost Demon Templar, Frost Demon Master, Frost Demon King, Namekjin Fighter, Namekjin Soldier, Namekjin Scout, Namekjin Slayer, Namekjin Slasher, Namekjin Warrior, Namekjin Destroyer, Namekjin Reaper, Namekjin Defender, Namekjin Templar, Namekjin Master, Namekjin King, Majin Demon Fighter, Majin Demon Soldier, Majin Demon Scout, Majin Demon Slayer, Majin Demon Slasher, Majin Demon Warrior, Majin Demon Destroyer, Majin Demon Reaper, Majin Demon Defender, Majin Demon Templar, Majin Demon Master, Majin Demon King, Super Saiyan Fighter, Super Saiyan Soldier, Super Saiyan Scout, Super Saiyan Slayer, Super Saiyan Slasher, Super Saiyan Warrior, Super Saiyan Destroyer, Super Saiyan Reaper, Super Saiyan Defender, Super Saiyan Templar, Super Saiyan Master, Super Saiyan King, Frieza Force Grunt, Frieza Force Officer, Frieza Force Captain, Ice Monster, Namek Priest, Namek Mystic, Namek Warrior, Drum, Monkey, Adult Monkey, Ninja, Samurai, Yao Lord.